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Setting the Scene for a Memorable Zoom Wedding

by Geraldine Orentas
Zoom Wedding Decor

For many, their plans of having a dream-perfect wedding were thrown out the window with shelter-in-place restrictions and wedding cancellations. But, thankfully, some resourceful brides and grooms are turning to online weddings to celebrate their days with loved ones across the world. Our designer, Sarah Nelson, created a beautiful Zoom wedding background that proves you can celebrate your special day with memorable decorations and a social-distance-proof ambiance. 

Zoom Fall Wedding Scene

What You’ll Need

To recreate this boho style meets farmhouse decor Zoom wedding background, you’ll need a few items. You may have some of these items already around your house but remember that you can still swap these essential elements to meet your decor aesthetic and wedding theme. 

To transform your room into a wedding-ready space, our designer Sarah suggests:

  • Large area rugs
  • Room dividers 
  • Large decorative items
  • Lighting
  • Candles
  • Greenery
  • Flowers 

Transforming the Stage With a Background

Before you get carried away, you need to focus on your background and grounding the scene. Once you’ve chosen the area in which you’ll host your ceremony, most likely your living room or patio, you can get started with setting up the stage.

Round Area Rug Patterned Round Rug Braided Area Rug

For this farmhouse-inspired living Zoom wedding, we picked a large round rug to ground the space. It also works to give you an idea of where to stand and how to center your camera to get the most of your decor in your video. The rugs also create an intimate space for you and your partner to share. Here are some rug ideas to help you get started:

Wood Room divider Foldable Room Divider

Once you have the rug in place, it’s time to play with the background. Instead of worrying about painting the wall or using wallpaper, you can create a bewitching backdrop with dividers. We love the idea of using a room divider as a backdrop, as it is easy to drape decorative items over it. We chose a wood room divider for this room, but you can select paper garlands or other pre-made backdrops. For some room divider ideas, consider these:

The best part of getting these is that you can keep these items and incorporate them into your home decor after the ceremony. Room dividers are great for sectioning off living rooms and dining rooms, as well as, studio spaces. That’s not something you can do with traditional weddings, can you?

Make It Special With Decorative Accents

Now, let’s move on to the accents and decorative pieces that give the room its unique touch. For this farmhouse style wedding decor, we chose some decorative layered window panes. You can always select tall vases, sculptures, and other decorative accents that match your wedding’s theme better.

Wall Decor Window Wall Decor Window Decor

For this setup, in particular, we went with lovely layered window panes. But, hanging wall decor works as well. However, avoid anything with mirrors because it will reflect your equipment. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Don’t worry. Once the ceremony is over, you can still use these wall accents throughout your home. They work marvelously behind the living room’s couch or by the window.  It’s a creative way to remind you of your wedding and the beautiful scene you created with your spouse. Put on your creative hat and think of ways you can repurpose these beautiful pieces around the house.  

Elevate the Ambiance With Finishing Touches

Now that you have the backbones of the overall decor, it’s time to elevate it with some finishing touches. We chose fairy lights, lanterns, and candles to create a warm and cozy setup for this room. The more lighting you add, the cozier the atmosphere. Not to mention, it will help brighten up the room and help with the lighting, so you’ll both look beautiful for the camera.

Lantern Light Decor Decorative Candles String Lights

Your finishing touches can also serve a purpose, like lighting and candles. But, you also want to consider you want to keep them to the minimum. Remember, you guys are the center of attention, and all eyes should be on you. Plus, you also want to have plenty of space to stand and move around without tripping over the decor. Here’s what we incorporated into this small room decor:

The best part is that all of these pieces will work as fantastic entryway decor or patio decor. The lanterns and candles will work perfectly for a seasonal patio setup, while you can always hand the lights in your terrace or backyard to brighten up the space and add that magical touch only string lights can give you. 

Finish It With Greenery and Flowers

Finally, like we always say for all decor projects, you have to bring the outdoors indoors. For this Zoom wedding setup, we added a greenery garland to bring some color to the room. You can also get some flowers and other greenery options. It all depends on what you already have at home, your theme, and the season.

Flower Garland Olive Garland Wedding Floral Garland

No wedding is ever complete without greenery and flowers. Use these accents to elevate the look of your little ceremony and create more depth. These greenery garlands are perfect for decorating the frame around you as you say your vows. Here are some of our favorite ones:

Once you’re done with these pieces, you can use the garlands to spruce up your fireplace mantle, for example. Another idea is to turn these garlands into wreaths to decorate your entryway door or your windows. Be creative and have fun with wreaths and garland decorations. They can be easy-access ways to infuse a room with colors and bring the outdoors in without too much effort. 

Let’s Celebrate Love

Don’t let cancellations and restrictions take away the joy of your wedding. So many couples are choosing Zoom weddings. With these tips and ideas, you can create the most beautiful and memorable decor for your special day. If you still have questions on creating the right look and feel, reach out to our designers; we’ll think outside-the-box to turn any room in your home into the perfect scene for your wedding.

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