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Learn with Spacejoy: How to set up a comfortable dining room?

by Namitha Gopal

Welcome to our daily dose of design advice, where we take your questions to our talented team of designers.  Need help organizing? Creating a gallery wall? How about making a small space functional? We have you covered on all avenues. Check back daily for fresh advice from our expert team. 

Dear Spacejoy

I am in desperate need of help pulling together my dining room. I’ve seen a lot of inspiration of comfortable spaces but can’t seem to make the formula work for me. My family and I spend a lot of time in this space, especially now a days. Between having the kids complete their school work here during the day and having family dinner at night, our time in this space is frequent. We love to have family over and host friends on occasion. How can I make this space comfortable for all of my needs?

Desperately seeking a multi-function space,


Dear Monica

We completely understand your need for a comfortable and multi-functional dining room. We’re all spending more time at home now and it makes sense to move away from more formal spaces to spaces we can use on the regular. We have a few tips and tricks to make this space cozy throughout. Cozy spaces can be broken down into 3 main elements: textures, comfortable seating and lighting. 

1.  Pick the Best Chairs

Since your children will be working in this space often, let’s focus on bringing in super comfortable chairs. Look for chairs that have a cushioned bottom, which will help support longer sitting periods. Next, chairs with a comfortable textile will help soften the room and be more comfortable to sit on. Look for fabrics that are either microfiber, polyester, polypropylene or cotton. Add in enough chairs to work with a table at an unextended length (this is normally between 6-8 chairs). Additional chairs can be used to flank a sideboard or in other rooms for extra seating.

2. Layer in the Coziness with Texture

Next, let’s add in texture to the room. Rugs are a great way to add in personality, define the space and add in depth to the design. Don’t worry, washable options exist. You can also add in texture and interest with reclaimed wood pieces. To ensure that these wood pieces work for your space, look for tables that have been sealed. Lastly, pull the visual interest up by layering in wall baskets or other natural elements to keep the warmth moving throughout the room.

3. Transition the Room from Day to Night with Lighting

Lastly, let’s focus on bringing in an appropriate amount of light for both producitivity and entertaining. During the day and early afternoon, brighter light is important. Add in additional lighting on the sideboard to help brighten the room when working on school work. For more intimate dining, we love a great diffused chandelier. Chandeliers with shades cast intimate shadows in the room. Installed on a dimming switch, these light fixtures can truly change the mood in the room.

Comfortable dining rooms always takes precedence over stylish ones. We hope these three tips offered you a great starting point for your dining room. If you have more questions about how to create a space that works for all of your needs, work directly with our design experts! Our team of expert designers can help you create a productive space for your children AND a space you want to entertain in.

Check out our other dining room designs for additional inspiration. These spaces focus on bringing in texture, comfortable seating and functional light for the perfect dining experience.


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