Home Design Hotline Learn with Spacejoy: How to add storage to a small bedroom and make it look brighter?

Learn with Spacejoy: How to add storage to a small bedroom and make it look brighter?

by Namitha Gopal

Carolina: How can I utilize the wall space by the dresser in a functional way that does not take away from the aesthetic of the room? What color wall paint will make the room feel light and bright?

Elle Applewhite, Spacejoy Designer: The most common mistake that people make while adding storage to a room is by placing it on the floor. Given its a small bedroom, let’s steer clear of the floor. This way you are giving yourself a lot of free movement. Remember, this is the golden rule for any small spaced room.

1. Add  Floating Shelves- These are one of the most versatile home decor pieces. They are often on double duty. Once it’s hung, they not only create visual interest but also immediately upgrade the functionality of your bedroom. You can display your trophies, books, photo frames, etc.

Floating shelves come in different shapes and sizes, but how we hang them makes all the difference. I have chosen Bovina floating shelf from Wayfair for your room. You can either place it vertically or horizontally. I would suggest giving it a staggering effect and create drama on the wall, especially if you are planning to display a variety of items. White-colored floating shelves will make your small spaced bedroom look less cramped.

2. Pastel Colored Bedroom- If you are looking for something that can make your look room lighter and brighter, then don’t look beyond pastel colors. A pastel pink wall will give your room that touch of feminine, a sense of chic, and has an immediate calming effect on you.

If you have pastel pink walls, you can easily decorate it with white furniture to elevate the look and feel of the room.

Here are a few pastel-colored bedroom ideas for more inspiration and style.



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