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Decor Ideas To Design A Beautiful Chic Home

by Spacejoy

What Effortlessly Chic Homes Have In Common!

Being effortlessly chic is not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle in itself. When the word ‘chic’ took the industry by storm, it had its ambiguities. People didn’t really know exactly what ‘being chic’ comprised. Nonetheless, time being the ultimate teacher, the world soon found out that it’s not something that automatically happens, but a process that you must gradually evolve into. Being chic has its own set of tips and tricks (rather than rules and regulations) and do’s and don’ts that applies to various facets of our lives. From fashion to home décor, chic has some distinctive characteristics that make it what it is and if you’re wondering what they are then here’s a quick look at eight very simple things that all effortlessly chic homes have in common.


Sometimes, it’s all about adding or displaying one particular element rather than showcasing everything all at once. When it comes to being chic, minimalist home decor ideas prove to us, without a doubt, that less is indeed more. The key to an a well designed home is to keep things as minimal as possible because why go for the overkill when simple is essentially what you need.

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Space is a tricky thing and knowing what to do with it is crucial when you’re trying to make your home effortlessly chic. Ironically, this generation of home buyers are in quite a space conundrum. Homes today never seem to have enough of it and when it does, we never seem to know what to do with it. Understanding the spatial construct of a home is crucial and is one of the first things you need to do when you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover.  From knowing when to let the space do the talking to optimizing storage space in a smart and stylish way, ways of making your home effortlessly chic with respect to space is endless.

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Play with Color

Of all the trends that we see coming and going in the interior décor industry, color is significantly influential. The entire look and feel of a home can change depending on the color scheme. Colors speak several languages, communicates several dialogues and conveys several emotions. For example, when you’re looking for peace, tranquility and calm, you immediately tend to lean towards colors like blues, whites and greens but the minute you’re looking for life, energy and palpable electricity, you veer towards brighter shades like yellows, oranges and reds. Chic speak the language of colors and the best part about it is that there are no limits, only good taste!

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Natural Fabrics

Chic need not always be uber modern and contemporary and it need not only comprise geometric patterns and asymmetric designs. Chic also includes an element of the rustic and the old world charm, which is why including some natural fabrics and textiles into your home décor like jute, wood and terracotta is a major ‘yes’ if you’re trying to go for an effortlessly chic look.

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Natural Light

When we think of chic we usually think of artificial things – pretty lights, expensive home décor, fancy accessories and equipment and so on and so forth. But, have you ever thought of the fact that maybe the idea of chic is more that something that is store bought, maybe, one aspect of chic is about keeping things as natural and pure as possible. In any home light is important, natural light even more so, which is why natural light plays a very important role when it comes to keeping this effortlessly chic at home.

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Every home has a few elements that defines it, elements that reflects the personality of the people living in it. Of the many things that falls within this purview, art is one of them. Art has the ability to do some amazing things and being able to blend things that most people see as simple straight lines, is definitely one of the most important ones. Art and the concept of effortlessly chic go almost hand in hand, both are expressions of the self, manifesting in something that is truly unique which has an element of personalization as well.

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Chic is not monotonous and neither is it unidirectional. The whole crux of being effortlessly chic lies in the fact that it’s a whole that is made out of many parts. Which is why, when you’re giving your home the ‘effortlessly chic’ makeover, including different textures is a must. Textures are important because they bring is a sense of variety in an otherwise mundane look. Wood, silk, metal, natural fabrics might all seem disjointed, but the fact is that they work very well together. When you have textural elements that complement and contrast each other harmoniously, being effortlessly chic follows naturally.

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A Surprise Element

Last but not the least, and this is a tricky one. Effortlessly chic is not always unplanned, sometimes you need to do your bit into bringing this lifestyle into your home. Which is why cleverly placing quirky, interesting and fun things at strategic places goes a long way. So, if you want chic, then start thinking out of the box!

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