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Meet The Designer: Annika Tillman’s Coziest Modern Fall Picks

by Geraldine Orentas
Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Spacejoy Designer Annika Tillman

With fall colors changing every room of our homes and every corner of our commute, our designers are starting to feel inspired by the warmth and colors of the season. Spacejoy designer’s favorite things to do for fall is to decorate for the new season! This week our featured designer, Annika Tillman, shares fall inspiration to incorporate into your home that can quickly turn into statement pieces that work year-round.

Her modern aesthetic is all about functionality, and this season she’s taping into the bold colors of the season to create inspiring spaces that spark joy and warmth.

Q: What are your top priorities when designing a new space?

A: Maybe I take extra time analyzing what someone wants in their home because I’m a realtor. When designing a new space I’m always looking to understand how the occupants will be using that space. With today’s use of multi-functional spaces, understanding how many occupants, how they move about, and the purpose of the space is vital before moving to the layout planning phase. Once you understand this, the fun part begins. Finding the perfect furniture and accessories to fill in this home puzzle is really exciting for me and the owners — I love that part. 

To me, home means a warm and inviting sanctuary where you can truly be yourself and the people you share this space with, will love you regardless.

Q: Describe your design aesthetic.

A: I love all styles of designs, but one of my favorite styles is modern. I can’t help but fall in love with clean straight lines, bold colors, and tactile materials. I’m always looking for creative ways to make a beautiful space functional. But, most of the time, I feel I’m incorporating modern touches here and there, even in the most traditional designs. 

My obsession with orange tones started as a kid. My love of the Chicago Bears football team is definitely an influence in my love for fall tones. When fall rolls around, and the leaves start painting the city, I get lost in the beauty of it all. It’s amazing how warm colors can transform how a place looks.

Annika Fall Favorites

Q: What are your favorite picks for Fall?

A: Mongolian Sheepskin Rugs: I’m currently crushing on faux Mongolian sheepskin rugs. Their softened edges give them a clean and modern style design. I love how these can become accent pieces or statement pieces within virtually any room.

A: Wicker Pendant: I might be all about modern decor, but this alternative to a chandelier creates a warm and comfortable ambiance that we all associate with the season. Besides, wicker is one of my favorite materials. It’s so versatile and works with so many styles, and it’s impossible not to love.

A: Earth-toned Throw Pillows: Come fall, and you’ll definitely catch me updating my throw pillows and blankets. It’s such an easy way to update your space without having to do any major renovations. To me, fall is about warm colors, earthy tones, and chunky textures, and these pillows have it all. 

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