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Learn with Spacejoy: How can I make my living room pop?

by Namitha Gopal
How to make your living room pop

Jesse: How can I make my living room pop?

Cassandra, Spacejoy Designer: Choosing bolder colors will help any space pop! We love rooms with a neutral foundation. So let’s keep the walls a neutral tone and use the furniture to create a striking contrast. Let’s start building color with the sofa.  Incorporating a deeper blue gives the room a rich feel. Pairing this with other bold color pillows makes the whole area pop. Let’s swap out the gallery wall for an oversized art piece. This will give a natural focal point to the room and help blend the tones together. Making spaces pop doesn’t stop with just color. Statement lighting, like this funky gold one, will add visual interest. Finish the room with complimenting tones natural greens or jewel toned accents. It’ll help the room feel well-balanced.

Here are some more living rooms designed by Spacejoy that pops! We are sure you would like them.



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