Home Design Ideas No Green Thumb? No Problem! Here Are The Best Plants For Beginners

No Green Thumb? No Problem! Here Are The Best Plants For Beginners

by Kristin Corpuz

We get it — becoming a plant parent is hard. There are way too many house plants to choose from, so knowing which ones are appropriate for your lifestyle and home takes a lot of research. You don’t want to grab a plant that needs direct sunlight if your room doesn’t get any, or a plant that needs to be watered everyday if you travel a lot. No one wants to be a plant killer, though it’s inevitable sometimes. Luckily, there are quite a few resources available so you can find the best plants for beginners. Check out three of our favorite plant retailers below.

The Sill

The Sill has become the industry standard for anyone trying to become a plant parent. The site allows you to either subscribe to regular plant deliveries or buy plants and/or planters on demand. What we love about The Sill is how simple they make plant buying. The site primarily focuses on potted plants that can easily fit on, well, your sill. (Get it?)

Each plant comes with a breakdown of how much light and water it needs, as well as some tips for maintaining its health. They also categorize each plant based on how difficult they are to keep alive. You also get to choose your planter silhouette — all of which are super chic — and color so it matches your home’s aesthetic. If you already have what you need at home, you can also purchase plants and planters separately. Whether you’re starting from the very beginning and learning about the base level of plant care or are already an expert, you’re bound to find something you love on The Sill.


Bloomscape operates similarly to The Sill, minus the subscription option. When you’re shopping, you can filter for size of the plant, difficulty level, amount of light, and whether or not the plant is pet-friendly and/or an air cleaner. They offer everything from the smallest potted plants to giant indoor trees. The site also has accessories like watering cans, propagation kits, pruners, grow lights, and more. Their Plant Care blog is also super helpful if you’re looking for more tips as you embark on your plant parent journey. With everything you need to be the best plant parent, why look any further?


For plant parents who want to regularly add to their collection, you should try out a Horti subscription. Upon subscribing, you can choose from the “new to planting,” “pet-friendly,” and “Horti’s pick” options. You can also choose what color your want your terra cotta pot to be (they currently have four options). Your subscription is month-to-month so you can choose to skip whenever you don’t need an extra plant.

Another option Horti offers that we love is the “Order A Jungle” package. It’s great for new plant parents looking to immediately up your plant game. Each collection contains five to 20 curated plants that will not only look beautifully cohesive together, but will also add so much dimension to your home. There are potted and “naked” options for each jungle as well.


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