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15 Small Apartment Furniture Ideas to Maximize Space

by Geraldine Orentas
farmhouse tiny living room

People think working with a small space feels restrictive and kills inspiration. But, the truth couldn’t be further away from that. A small apartment has as much potential as a large living room; it’s just a matter of finding the right small apartment furniture picks to make it happen. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite small apartment designs to give you some inspiration for what you can achieve in your tiny space. 

farmhouse tiny living room

1. Mirror Your Space

Including a large mirror by a wall with plenty of natural light will instantly make your room appear more spacious. This Infinity Round Black Mirror by CB2 is perfect for transforming the space and virtually doubling the room’s size without much effort. Wall or floor mirrors placed in strategic points are design secrets our online interior designers make small spaces feel larger. 

mid-century small living room

2. Show Those Legs

Another quick secret: use slim legged furniture. Give the eye room and space to look through the furniture by choosing leggy pieces. Like this Amoeba Wild Walnut 42.5 Wide Coffee Table from Article that serves the purpose it was meant to, but leaves plenty of space for the eye to wander and see the room to its fullest.

urban minimalist living room

3. Hiding Tables

Side tables can quickly take up a lot of space, especially in a small living room. Choose pieces like this Andover Mills Elara Glass C-Table from Wayfair that can easily tuck itself under the sofa or couch to maximize the space. C-tables are an excellent way to add functional pieces of furniture to a small apartment without taking up much space.

minimalist small apartment

4. Rethink the Chairs

We’re all so accustomed to seeing armchairs and accent chairs paired with the living room couch. But, we’ve seen how amazing it can turn out when we rethink the chairs. If you’re working with a small apartment, trade traditional furniture pieces for these Candlewick Abstract Labyrinth Pillow from West Elm. These work as additional seating space if needed and add texture and break up the lines of your living room, helping it appear more spacious.

traditional small living room

5. Hide Storage

The biggest hurdle of any small apartment owner is storage space. Invest in small apartment furniture pieces that double as storage space like this Nixon White Fabric Cocktail Ottoman from City Furniture. Items like these are great for keeping away blankets, throws, pillows, and anything else that would otherwise add clutter to the room and make it look smaller. 

tiny minimalist studio apartment 

6. Use Dividers

When you have a tiny space, think about a studio apartment, you have to be creative with your furniture picks. Make sure to add something that divides the rooms and gives you some privacy. But, you also want the eye to be able to see the full length of the room. So, consider something like this VITTSJO bookshelf from IKEA. It gives you plenty of vertical space to store away items, but it also doubles as a divider between the rooms. 

transitional small living room

7. Focus On One Piece at A Time

While you might want to add accent chairs, ottomans, and what have you, your space might not let you. If you have a small apartment, invest in the one furniture piece you know you’ll use the most. For example, downsizing on other pieces can give you enough space to fit this  Asher Corner Sectional Sofa from Interior Define. Every other piece of furniture like the C-Table and round coffee table are functional pieces to complete the room. 

small modern living room

8. Think Of Slim Furniture Pieces

Stay away from any large furniture that will make the room feel tight and spaceless. Instead, focus your attention on slim furniture pieces like the Mill Console Table from CB2. These console tables can be quite functional and have plenty of space underneath to tuck away additional seating space, baskets for storage, and more. 

minimalist small living room

9. Use Wall Lighting

Most people don’t realize it, but lighting is the one piece of furniture that sometimes takes the most space. But, you can rethink your lighting choices for your small apartment and still make an impact. We love to incorporate pieces like the Mantis Swivel Wall Sconce by CB2 for a unique look that looks modern and serves its purpose without taking up any floor space. 

mid-century tiny living room space

10. Think Vertical

When you don’t have much square footage to work with, you have to make up your own. Your walls are precious real estate that often goes forgotten. Instead, a small apartment can benefit from vertical furniture. For example, these Stairway Black 72.5 Wall Mounted Bookcase from CB2 are an excellent choice to make the most out of your vertical space. The tiered shelves serve as prime space for books, baskets that hold lose items, and anything else you need to keep the clutter away. 

small modern studio apartment

11. Don’t Forget Rugs

Sometimes, we’ve seen people forget about adding rugs into their small spaces out of fear of making it look even smaller. While this can definitely happen, it’s not always the rule. You can always try to layer your rugs to add texture and depth, which will help the room appear more spacious. When trying this, always start with a simple rug like the NuLOOM Bodrum Verona Area Rug from Home Depot is perfect for layering. You can throw a faux fur rug on top or a more rustic rug and get a layering effect that won’t entirely frame your space. 

tiny living room space

12. Use Stackable Furniture

The best furniture for small apartments is by far stackable furniture. It’s perfect for studio apartments like this one because you can move them around as needed. Expand them when you need additional space, or tuck them away when you need more floor space. We love options like the Chantay 2 Piece Nesting Tables from Wayfair because it can quickly transform to fit your needs. Plus, it also has other qualities you want from small spaces like the leggy design and organic shapes.

functional small living room

13. Think Functionality First

With a small apartment, your priority has to be functionality. While a sleek console table might look modern and stylish, but it won’t add any other purpose to your decor, it isn’t worth it. Think of pieces like the Dolores Cane Media Console from Pottery Barn that has enough space to tuck away any media accessories, blankets, and throws that can take up precious space. Besides, it also gives you space to display decorative items without incorporating other pieces into the room. 

industrial small space

14. Use Shelves

Sometimes even adding a bookcase or bookshelf can be too much for a small apartment. But, that doesn’t mean you have to let go of the vertical space. Think of innovative ways to use shelves to be functional. For example, in this design, we used these Industrial Rustic Wall-mounted Table from Amazon to set up a small desk with seating space perfect for working, studying, or even eating. It also doubles as additional space for seating when you have company over. 

small living room furniture

15. End Tables with Storage

You’ve probably noticed the emphasis on storage in this article. But, small spaces are the ones that benefit most from flexible furniture pieces that have built-in storage solutions. This Bluxome End Table with Storage from Wayfair is an excellent example of what this type of furniture can do for a small space. Choose slim, compact, and flexible furniture pieces that allow you to adapt the way you use them depending on the current need. 

Find More Options

Designing a small space is by no means an easy task. It’s relatively easy to get carried away by the endless options out there and the space’s possibilities. At Spacejoy, we know even the tiniest space has the potential to spark joy. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect furniture pieces for your small space, start a project today. Work with our interior designers today and find the ideal layout for your room to make it feel and look more spacious than it is.

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