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Big Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms 

by Divya Dorothy
Layer Your Shelves

Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms 

Small Bedroom

If you suffer from SBS (small bedroom syndrome), you’ve come to the right place! Your bedroom is most likely where your closet is. And having a small bedroom can put a dampener on your fashion closet dreams. But, if you follow these fantastic bedroom organization ideas to introduce more storage in the most innovative of places, you can have the wardrobe of your dreams! 

Small bedrooms, while cute, can come with their own set of problems. You love to shop, and your outfits are a point of pride for you. But, in a small bedroom, you may not have the space to keep them all. Imagine having to throw/donate some of your favorite clothes away just because your closet won’t take it all? Nightmare! 

But, worry not! We’re here with some amazing small bedroom storage solutions. Let’s save you all that time scouring through article after article, looking for small bedroom storage ideas. We’ve found the best of the best, and we’re going to share that with you today! 

Interested? Keep reading! 


Layer Your Shelves 

Layer Your Shelves

The lack of storage in a small bedroom can be quite a hindrance. Installing shelves on your walls can add a ton of extra storage space. You can also use these shelves to set the theme and decor of your bedroom. Decide on a color palette and bring in pops of those colors using accent pieces placed on these shelves. The 12 inches of wall below your ceiling is great real estate for additional storage. It’s the least used space in any room, for the most part. It’s also a great way to maximize space in a small bedroom. You want to use every bit of space you have to your advantage.  


Wall Mounted Furniture 

Floating Furniture

Maximize space in a small bedroom by mounting some of your furniture on the wall. You can wall mount your nightstand so that it’s easily accessible and takes up barely any room at all. The key to a spacious room (even when you’ve got a small bedroom) is to keep your floors empty. Uncluttered floors can make any room seem expansive. This is why most interior designers recommend going minimal with your decor. Wall-mounted furniture is a great storage solution for small bedrooms. It serves its purpose without adding bulk or clutter to your space. 

You can wall-mount lighter furniture like your nightstand or even a work desk. Simply drag a chair and voila! You’ve got a cozy little workspace in your bedroom. 


Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture 

When you’re trying to arrange your space, multifunctional furniture is a great way to maximize space in small bedrooms. For example, a bed that comes with extra storage space is just what your small bedroom needs. If you need to create a home office, but you don’t have the space for it in your home, you can switch out your nightstand for a desk. This will make sure you have one piece of furniture that can carry out two or more functions. Imagine all the space that can save! 


Use Your Bed For Storage 

Storage Bed

Your bed is a multifunctional unit if chosen and utilized correctly. You’ve got ample opportunity to find storage solutions for small bedrooms if you know where to look. First, buy a bed that comes with extra storage space to tuck away those heavy blankets during the summers. Some beds also come with shelves in the headboard, which can be incredibly convenient. You have a place to keep your reading glasses, your latest book obsession, maybe your phone and charger etc. Finding ways to maximize space in small bedrooms is quite the task, but it’s definitely worth the effort! 


Under The Bed


If you can’t find storage in your bed, you can always look under! That space isn’t just for monsters and scary things, you know. It’s a great storage idea for small spaces. You can simply tuck away boxes filled with anything you can’t find a place for. Or, use it to put away all your out-of-season clothes. You could store your favorite books down there. You could even arrange your shoes under the bed. It’s easily accessible, and you can keep it out of sight when you don’t need it. Acrylic boxes are readily available online. Organizing your things is so much easier with these handy boxes. If you want to take your organization skills to the next level, buy yourself a label maker (or DIY it) so you can label each box before you push it under the bed. So when you’re looking for something, you’ll know exactly where to find it! 


Beds With Storage 

Beds With Storage

Speaking of small bedroom storage ideas, you can get a few shelves attached to the headboard or to the foot of the bed, to create extra space. While this may not be the most accessible place, we recommend moving your bed away from the wall to make some room. Spacejoy suggests putting using that space for your more rarely used items. Those books you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t really had the time. It’s a good place to store stationery or craft supplies if you don’t have a study room. If you picked up a new hobby during lockdown- like jewelry making or crochet, etc., you could store your supplies behind your bed. So, when inspiration strikes, all you have to do is pull it out and get to work!


Murphy Beds 

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Over the year, Murphy beds have gotten a bad reputation. When, in reality, they’re fantastic solutions to small bedrooms. If you’re wondering how t maximize space in a small bedroom, we recommend going with this one! You only use your bed at night anyway, so imagine all the space you could have during the day! You could create a proper office space during working hours. When you’re done for the day, simply pull your bed down and let the evening begin! If you’re working from home, the lines between work and personal life can get quite blurry. This is a great hack to put you in the right frame of mind. When you’re at your desk, you’re in work mode. When you’re on your bed, it’s time to unwind and relax! 


Use Vertical Storage 

Vertical Storage

Empty walls in a small bedroom shouldn’t stay empty. It’s almost a sin. Use all that real estate to put in shelves and create more storage space for yourself. Bedroom organizer shelves are an easy yet effective way to add storage space. You can display your favorite decor pieces, books, plants, etc. Shoes can take up a lot of room, especially if you’re someone that loves shoes! Vertical storage is perfect for shoes. You can put up racks and arrange your shoes on them. Or even hang up a shoe rack behind your door, so it’s out of sight! Imagine what you could do with all that extra space on the bottom shelf of your cupboard!


Hang Your Clothes Up  

Here’s an excellent small-room clothes storage idea. Hang your clothes instead of folding them. It can be a great space saver! Hanging a few clothes up and folding the rest is not what we’re talking about. We mean, hang everything! Find hangars with S-hooks for all your pants, jeans, shorts, and skirts. Use regular hangars for your dresses and tops. You can even attach shower rings to your hangars and hang your tank tops (arrange them by color for a pretty sight). If you don’t have a place to hang your clothes, you can always buy a clothing rack and put it against a wall. Storing your clothes vertically is a huge space-saver. We cannot recommend it enough! If you like to shop at IKEA (who doesn’t?) they’ve got some beautiful ledges with hooks attached underneath them for a nifty storage solution! 


We hope you found this article helpful! If you need any more help finding small bedroom storage ideas, start a project with Spacejoy today! Our team of expert designers will help you till you’re happy with the end result. We can work with whatever budget, space constraints, or problems you may have! What are you waiting for? Let’s work together to create your dream bedroom! 

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