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How to Refresh Your Rental Bathroom Under $500

by Geraldine Orentas
Rental Bathroom Decor Ideas

It’s not surprising to end up with a rental bathroom that seems anything but relaxing or inspiring. However, most renters feel frustrated because a complete DIY project is a no-go. Starting with small changes can make a huge impact and refresh the look and feel of your rental bathroom to turn it into a blissful oasis — without breaking your contract or getting evicted. Let’s get creative and try these alternatives to refresh your rental bathroom under a budget. 

Start Small: Swap the Hardware & Lighting 

The first thing that needs to change in your rental bathroom is those ugly fluorescent lights and the old hardware. These are quick changes that you can later put back the originals, once it’s time to say goodbye to your rental apartment. Don’t forget the tiny details like the towel ring and bars and the knobs.

We love the Demeter Towel Ring Set by Anthropologie with the Graham Towel Bar for a retro look with glam touches, for a total of $144. Complete the refresh with these Mid-Century Bathroom Lights from Etsy at just $89. 

Bathroom Towel Ring SetBathroom Towel bar

Choose Wisely: Add Functional Decor Accents 

Even if you’re working with a tiny bathroom, your choice for towels, rugs, and other decorative accents can make a huge difference. A cheerful shower curtain can instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom. Luxurious, hotel-worthy towels will transform your bathroom into a home spa. Think about adding baskets or trays to keep everything organized. Other decorative accents are hanging plants, shelves, and aromatherapy diffusers that will transform your bathroom into a relaxing oasis.

Make your shower curtain a piece of art, like this Abstract Minimal Shower Curtain from Society6 for $69.99. Complete your at-home spa experience with the Naturalist Homescent Collection by West Elm for $35. Finally, remember that your towels are also a decorative element, invest in a beautiful towel that adds a layer of luxury to the room, we love these Hotel Collection Ultimate Borderline Towels from Macy’s at $36. 

Shower CurtainBathroom DiffuserLuxury Bathroom Towel Set

Go Big: Bring the Removable Wallpaper 

Finally, complete the look with a stunning removable wallpaper — every renter’s best friend. Nowadays, you can find eye-catching wallpapers that can easily be removed when you’re ready to move out. Choose an accent wall and pick a bold statement wallpaper that will completely transform your bathroom. You can also choose a tile wallpaper that masks your dull bathroom tile and turns them into a beautifully designed floor to transform the space. Or, if you’re going for eclectic and creative bathroom design, then choose to change both for the ultimate complex style. 

We love to play with styles and tones, so we think this Duotone Bloom Removable Wallpaper by Urban Outfitters for $59 is a great place to start. You might need to buy two or three of these to cover the entire wall, depending on your bathroom’s side.  If you’re going for the floor, these Orion Adhesive Floor Tiles from Urban Outfitters at $24 per set can get a rustic look. 

Removable WallpaperRemovable Floor Tile Sticker

Refresh Your Bathroom with Spacejoy

Sometimes all your bathroom needs are a layout refresh, a couple of new pieces, and strategic interior design solutions to go from boring to amazing. Who says your rental bathroom needs to stay the way it is? Many temporary styling solutions can transform your bathroom without messing up with your contract or pissing off your landlord. 

Even things like changing your shower head can make a massive difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels. These are the small details that make all the difference in the world when you refresh your bathroom. 

Start a New Project

Are you feeling inspired to refresh your rental bathroom? Start a project today and work with our online interior designers to create the bathroom of your dreams. We’ll help you find the perfect items to refresh your bathroom and keep your style and budget in mind. 

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