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Learn With Spacejoy: What is the best way to save space in a small bedroom

by Spacejoy
Small bedroom design front view

Shannon Baker: I have a small bedroom and my current bedroom design feels a little too cramped. How do I design my small bedroom to maximise space and reduce the visual bulk? Please help me find some furniture that will help me in achieving this.

Elle Applewhite: Sometimes you have no say in the size of the bedroom but you can always have a say in how you can design it. To make your bedroom feel more spacious we can make the following changes.

  • Let’s move the two lounge chairs and place it against the wall and add a small table in between to create a cozy nook. Let’s also replace the lounge chairs with slicker swivel accent chairs from Living Spaces. Small bedroom design advice
  • The dresser can move under the wall-mounted TV. The Dawson white dresser from Living Spaces is also an option to consider. Since we’re swapping a lot of your furniture, this dresser goes with the room’s overall theme and makes it cohesive. If you want to retain the old one is also alright. The wall-mounted TV wall won’t look bare, and the dresser will balance it out nicely.
    Small Bedroom Design Advice. How to make more space
  • We can swap the canopy bed with a tufted bed with a tall headboard from Wayfair to open up the small bedroom. The current bed also comes in the way of TV viewing. Tufted headboard bed in a small bedroom
  • Lastly, to match the bed and dresser, let’s swap out the bulky side tables with dressers from Nector and move the bench away from the TV wall towards the foot of the bed to create an alternative place to relax. Small bedroom design layout guide

Hope this helps!

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