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Learn With Spacejoy: How To Make Your City Apartment’s Small Bedroom Look Larger

by Divya Dorothy

The small-space-conundrum is one we’ve all had to deal with at one point or another. Especially if you live in the city where the rents are higher, and the spaces are smaller. You have all these ideas of how you’re going to design your bedroom when you get your own place. You’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest since you were 15. You have a clear vision of what your dream bedroom will look like, but the space you’ve chosen barely has enough room to fit your bed and you at the same time. Suddenly that dream bedroom feels like that’s all it’ll ever be. That’s exactly what a reader was going through sometime back. Luckily for them, our expert designers at Spacejoy knew just what to do! With a few simple design hacks, even the smallest of places can look spacious enough if you just style it right! And since ’tis the season of sharing, we’re going to spill all those well-kept secrets! Like our reader, if you are someone with a small bedroom and big dreams too, this one is for you! 

Dear Spacejoy,

I’ve just moved into a tiny apartment (with a lovely view) in the city. This was the best I could find within my budget. While I’m learning to love my little space, I really want help making my smaller-than-small bedroom look a little less cluttered and a little more spacious. Is there anything I can do? I’m on a tight budget, so please share some inexpensive hacks I could use! 

Dear Reader, 

When it comes to small spaces, it can really feel like your options are very limited. While there are a few dreams you’ll have to let go of for now (like a Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet), there’s still plenty of fun accents and decor elements you can play with, no matter the size of your bedroom! And hey, we’ve all got tight budgets to worry about, but don’t worry, we’ve got some really cool, inexpensive hacks to make your space look bigger and more spacious as well. Here are a couple of tips to get you started! 

Light Colored Walls 

Light Colored Walls

First things first, make sure your walls are as close to white as you can get. If you don’t like stark white walls, we recommend trying out light neutral tones depending on your preferences. Soft greys if you prefer cool-toned palettes or beiges if you want a more warm-toned color palette. You could even give pastels a shot if you are someone who loves colors. As long as your colors are light, it’ll do the trick! Light-colored walls enhance the light coming into your room, making it look brighter and airier. The brighter the room, the more spacious and open it seems. Darker colored walls have a tendency to absorb the light, making your space look more closed off and compact. We definitely don’t want that. 

Add Reflective Surfaces 

Reflective Surfaces

Continuing with the same concept, using reflective surfaces in your room can instantly make your space seem larger and more spacious. Glass, mirrors, and other polished finishes also tend to reflect the light, elevating your area and giving you a bright and airy bedroom. Like someone rightly said, mirrors are the ultimate illusion. They don’t just amplify the light in the room, a strategically angled mirror can even add height and depth to your small bedroom, making it seem like there’s more to your space than meets the eye! You can install a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one of your walls or place a full-length standing mirror in one corner of your room. Add a plant and maybe a little ottoman to create a little nook that you can use as your vanity corner. 

Maximize Your Windows

Maximize Your Windowa

Windows are a big part of ensuring your small bedroom looks bigger than it actually is. There are a lot of little things you can do to maximize the effects of a window in your bedroom. For one, make sure that you are allowing as much light inside your bedroom as possible at any given point. Choose light fabrics like cotton, linen, etc., for your curtains so that they don’t block out the natural light from flooding your space. Sheer fabrics are even better as they allow maximum light and give your room a light, airy feel. In order for those reflective surfaces and light-colored walls to enhance and amplify the light in your room, there should be enough light coming in, in the first place. Another great hack is to install ceiling-to-floor length curtains even if you don’t have french windows in your bedroom. Long curtains give the illusion of tall walls and high ceilings, automatically making your bedroom look bigger. 

Monochromatic Decor 

Monochromatic Decor

Pick a color palette for your room (preferably a light one, for the reasons we mentioned earlier) and stick to it. A room with lots of colors and too many different decor styles can start to look cluttered. Just because something looked good on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to try and force it into your decor. The design style your home has running in it may not be able to accommodate too many different elements, especially if you are already facing a space constraint. We strongly advise against combining multiple ideas and incorporating an assortment of styles into your space. Stick to a singular color theme while picking out everything from furniture and accent pieces to bedding and linens. This will ensure a cohesive design with a seamless flow throughout your space. Too many breaks in this flow can make your already small space look busy. 

De-Clutter Your Space

Declutter Your Space

Speaking of busy-looking spaces, make sure you declutter your room every now and then. Since you already have a small bedroom, it’s best to give all your belongings a designated place and make sure to put your things away when not in use. Keep your surfaces clean and clutter-free. Sometimes, even neatly arranged things like books or picture frames on your dresser or nightstand can start to look like too much in a small space. People often don’t realize the value of clean, empty surfaces, be it walls or the tops of your dressers and nightstands. If there are too many things to distract your eye when you walk into a room, it will not look aesthetically pleasing. 

Empty Your Floors

Empty Your Floors

Another great hack to making your small bedroom look bigger is to take things off the floor. Clear out your floor space to make space for a definitive walkway in your room. Many options out there allow you the luxury of empty floor space like hanging planters, floating shelves, wall-mounted furniture, etc. You can opt for a wall-mounted study with a minimally designed chair to reduce the amount of space being taken up by that one section. You can also choose to hang your plants. Not only is it aesthetic, but it also frees up your floors. Empty floors automatically make your room seem clean and more spacious. 

Smart Furniture 

Smart Furniture

Choose your furniture wisely. One of the coolest tricks to giving your room the illusion of more space is to find furniture with peg legs. As a matter of fact, any furniture with exposed legs gives the illusion of more space in the room. Don’t buy into the myth that each item in your bedroom has a singular purpose. There’s no reason your bed can’t double up as additional storage to put away your extra bedding and pillows. Or, for that matter, there’s no reason your nightstand shouldn’t come with additional drawers to put away your bedside books and your glasses once you’re done with them. Get furniture with extra storage whenever possible so that everything can be put away when you are not using it. Remember, a clean room is a more spacious room! 

Finding More Ideas

When designing a small bedroom, even though it may not seem like it, you’ve got plenty of decor options. Dear reader, we hope these ideas help ignite your creativity and give you the confidence you’re looking for to spruce up your space, however small it may be. For more ideas and help with your bedroom’s layout, you should start a project today to work with one of our online interior designers. Together, we’ll look at your current items, your style, budget, layout, and more to create the ultimate space that inspires nothing but joy. Trust us on this one; once you see your real-life 3D rendering of your brand new bedroom, you’re not going to believe the possibilities.

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