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11 Boho Bedding Pieces You’ll L.O.V.E From Anthropologie’s New Collection! 

by Divya Dorothy
Spacejoy Rustic Boho Bedroom

New season, new bedding! If we’re being totally honest, you can give us absolutely any excuse to splurge on new bedding and we’re all ears. Anthropologie’s new bedding collection gave us 11 beautiful reasons to upgrade, so it’s only fair that we share ‘em with you, too! 


Solstice Pillow 

An artsy depiction of a beautiful sunrise and sunset in lovely rustic hues makes this the perfect addition to your happy place (i.e. your bed). Don’t miss the playful textures and soothing colors, too! 


Bonjourno Wool Throw Blanket 

Made from a softer-than-soft wool blend, this cozy blanket can warm up your bed in an instant! Get comfy under this plush blanket, it’s the perfect movie-night partner. (Boyfriend, who?) 


Dreamy Pillow

The adorable pillow that tells you exactly what you’re going to get…lots of sweet dreams! The perfect boho eclectic accent to your favorite spot, whether it’s a chaise lounge, a daybed, or a sofa. 

Embroidered Cantrelle Shams

These gorgeous ivory shams with flourishes of embroidery can make a classy addition to your bed. The graceful design is sure to make you feel like you’re living the luxe life! 


Susana Linen Blend Duvet Cover

Hey frill-seekers! This one’s for you. With frayed ruffles and an oh-so-soft feel, this is the duvet cover of your dreams. Bonus: its reversible design gives you a two for one deal that’s just too good to pass up. 


Layne Velvet Quilt

Sink into this plush velvet quilt for a nap you’ll never forget! Its contemporary floral motifs bring a soft, feminine vibe to your bed while the deep hues are all about luxury. 


Textured Piazza Shams

A subtly stitched motif for a modern take on texture play. Versatile enough to look great with any kind of decor, especially if you’re going for that eclectic bohemian bedroom vibe! 

Rivulets Shams, Set of 2

Give your room the touch of romance and drama that it’s been missing. These gorgeous shams are made of tucked and tufted ruffles in an oh-so-soft cotton jersey material that you just can’t say no to! 


Melody Pillow

This elegantly textured pillow can instantly elevate the style of a day bed or your bohemian themed bedroom! Its subtle, neutral hues can complement just about any color palette. 


Textured Bobble Pillow

Celebrate coziness while you’re snuggled up in bed with these ultra-comfy pillows! Rustic textures and monochromatic tones make these the perfect pillows to layer on top of your bedding. 


Rhona Jute Floor Pillow

Whether you’re planning on placing this cute-as-a-button accent pillow on a chaise lounge or on the floor, it does a great job of creating a cozy little nesting corner. 


If you’re loving the new collection from Anthropologie just as much as we are, start a project with Spacejoy today! Our expert designers will help you find the perfect pieces that complement your decor…all within your budget. 

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