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Meet the Designer: Shannon O’Donnell’s Holiday Picks

by Geraldine Orentas
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Shannon O Donnell Spacejoy Designer

Maybe it is her love for coastal and boho elements or the fact that Shannon’s easy-going personality shines through her designs. Or perhaps it is her secret passion for sports, but this redesign stylist is all about adding the finishing touches to the most serene-looking rooms. 

Q: What are your top priorities when designing a new space?

A: I take a very practical approach to designing a new space. First of all, I take the time to get to know the style we want to achieve. Then, I look at the space goals; what is this room going to be used for? Then, I start sourcing inspiration from the colors I see, places, and the client’s expectations. I often look to nature for inspiration, mainly because of the calming effect nature has. 

“To me, home means comfort and happiness. It is the one space we have to reflect who we are. I think there’s no better place than home to be yourself and create memories with the ones you love.”

Q: Describe your design aesthetic.

A: I have a very easy-going and cheerful personality, and I think that reflects in my design aesthetic. By far, I identify the most with a mix of modern, coastal, and bohemian designs. I know this might seem like a hot mess, but you can find a perfect medium between them. I love spaces with lots of textures and patterns. But I still enjoy spaces that feel casual, relaxing, and somewhat airy. 

“I do confess that I have a slight obsession with sports, particularly golf — my dog is even named after a pro golfer. I’ll let you take a guess.”

Q: What are your favorite picks for the season?

A: Winter is all about getting together and the light of the holidays. So you’ll notice my favorite picks right now have a lot to do with that. Right now, at the top of my list is the West Elm Serveware Collection. I think they’re a must-have for the holidays, and I’m really working on mastering the perfect Pinterest-inspired charcuterie board. 

When it comes to styling my home for the holidays, I’m a firm believer that a little can go a long way. Switching my sofa pillows for these West Elm Cozy Metallic Pillow Covers adds a pop of texture with the metallics accents that pair so well for the season. Other small items that can make a difference are these Pottery Barn Cozy Pom Pom Sherpa Throws, my absolute favorite for the holidays. They’re so soft and cozy! The final touch to complete my holiday-ready home is to get as many Pottery Barn Mercury Scented Candles as possible. I really can’t pick one right now. They’re all my favorites!

The one thing that I’m thinking about upgrading is lighting at home. Right now, I’m obsessed with this Rio Vista Pendant Light; I’m so in love with the vibes this Moroccan-inspired pendant light gives. Plus, it just happens to be from Jasmine Roth, a shop and style that I absolutely adore.

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