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Design Challenge: How to Style Awkward Windows

by Geraldine Orentas
Guide to styling Awkward Windows

Once you finally choose your favorite furniture pieces, you get the right wall art to decorate your walls, and you even went above and beyond to include plants into your decor, it’s time for the trickiest section of all — your windows. From shades to panels and everything else in between, the myriad of window-dressing options can be overwhelming. Not to mention, trying to style awkward windows.

All of these options are especially challenging when you’re working with an unusually-shaped or awkwardly placed window. To help you make sense of it all, we’re sharing our design solutions to tackle the most baffling window-dressing dilemmas in style.

1. How to Style: Short Windows

How to Style Short Windows


Short windows or those windows that come very close to your floor can lower your wall’s stature, making the space look smaller. To counteract this and create the illusion of height, mount your curtain rods high above your windows. Instantly, you’ll create the illusion of a taller ceiling and larger windows.

2. How to Style: Bay Windows

How to style bay Window

When you first walked into your home, odds are you fell in love with the bay windows. Yes, they create a statement look that’s bold and classic at the same time. But, when it comes to dressing them up, they can become a real nightmare. Try a bay-specific curtain rod that molds to the shape of your bay windows. Another stylish option is to choose drapes or blinds to filter light and add privacy so you can enjoy the nook space that bay windows create.

3. How to Style: Awkward Cornered Windows

How to style Cornered Windows

Those baffling windows facing each other can be tricky to style. Sometimes these windows don’t even have the same size, making it an even more elaborate design challenge. One option is to set up separate rods and add a single curtain panel on the outside of each window. With this design trick, you’ll create the dramatic effect of having one large window. If you’re going for this option, opt for a curtain rod that camouflages with the wall’s paint color, so the rod becomes almost invisible.

4. How to Style: Arched Windows

How to style Arched Windows

Don’t try to find the ultimate arch window rod; it’s just not worth the effort. Not only will you then have to get custom draperies or curtains, but you’ll end up emphasizing the awkward window shape without highlighting its beauty. Instead, opt for a rod placed above the arch. When you open the panels on the side, you’ll highlight the arch’s beautiful architecture instead of emphasizing the window’s shape.

5. How to Style: Tall Windows

How to style Tall Windows

Yes, tall windows are an asset to any home. They give the illusion of high-ceilings and let natural light fill the space as no other window can. However, when it comes to finding stylish solutions to dress them up, the last thing you want is a ceiling-to-floor curtain that makes the space look outdated. Instead, opt to cover only the bottom half of the window using curtains or shutters. With this design trick, you’ll create privacy and still let enough light through.

6. How to Style: Double Height Windows

How to style Double Height Windows

Everyone loves high-vaulted ceilings and double-height windows until it comes time to style them. On occasions, you have wall lights above the lower windows, making the styling even more challenging. The good news is that you have different options to create a cohesive look. Try using an extra-long curtain rod that spans the wall and makes the area look more spacious. Then, add two separate panels on each side of the windows to frame the windows more stylishly. Another option is to choose drapes or shades to each window, so you can let some light and still enjoy some privacy.

Got More Questions?

If you’re still scratching your head when you look at your home’s windows, don’t despair. Choose a package today and start a project to work with our online interior designers and find the best way to style your awkward windows. Together, we’ll work within your budget and style to create a space that sparks joy.

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