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Meet the Designer: Spacejoy Designer Micaela’s Modern Rustic Fall Picks

by Geraldine Orentas
Spacejoy Boho Living ROom

Spacejoy DesignerA traditionalist at heart, Micaela’s designs inspire an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Her rustic modern designs create a warm and inviting atmosphere for her clients to thrive in.

Her modern furnishings, vibrant patterns, and intricate textures create a refined, yet warm and inviting space that always makes you feel comfortable.

Q: What are your top priorities when designing a new space?

A: To me, details are everything. Focusing on the small details can make a massive difference in the way a room looks. Creating a space of comfort, style, and functionality is all about using these details to make someone’s house feel more like home—a comfortable space that sparks joy. Oh, and obviously, when taking on a project, the main focus is soaking up everything the customer wants — after all, the customer is always right, am I right?

My home is my safe space, sanctuary, and chosen workplace to bring my clients’ creative visions to life. Having some of my loved ones here to share it with me makes it all that more special of a place.

Spacejoy Living Room

Q: Describe your design aesthetic.

A: The only way I could describe my style is as warm and rustic but with a hint of sophistication and classical elegance. I design spaces with a cozy and inviting atmosphere with elegant backdrops that make people fall in love with their homes. 

Most people think I’m shy and reserved at first. But I love to bring the humor to those stressful situations we all endure every once in a while.

Q: What are your favorite picks for Fall?

Spacejoy Designer Picks

A: For a quick and straightforward update that’s perfect for the fall aesthetic, these woven pillows scream “sweater weather,” their hand-knit cable stitching makes them the ideal finishing touch for a cozy reading nook by the fireplace.

Adding a few art prints brings a modern touch to fall decor. These Painted Patchwork prints from Pottery Barn featuring fall leaf colors still stay in touch with today’s most fashionable designs, making them the perfect addition to a home office or living room. 

When I’m looking for new seasonal pieces, I like to focus on functional accessories that are pleasing to the eye. These pumpkin candle holders are a must-have to fill an empty shelf, add to your fireplace mantel, or serve as the focal centerpiece for your dining room table.

For an instant decor upgrade, bringing in a eucalyptus arrangement will add character to any room. The warmth and color this little addition adds to your room is the perfect finishing touch for your home during the fall season. 

If you can’t tell, adding warm and cozy colors for fall is something I have to do. This Ornate Silhoutte Rug meshes comfort with beauty, the intricate detailing and bold burnt orange colorway will make any room anything but dull. 

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