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Spacejoy’s Complete Guide to Hollywood Glam Style

by Geraldine Orentas
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The upscale feel of luxurious fabrics, glittering metals, sparkly accessories, and airy design is what makes glam style so enchanting. With nods to Hollywood Regency style that’s nothing but desirable, glam home decor is inspiring, elegant, and polished. If the concept of chic neutrals, gleaming metallics, and luscious fabrics with contemporary and modern accents inspire you, then Hollywood glam might be your interior design matchup. In this guide, we cover glam style basics and share a few ideas on incorporating this marvelous aesthetic in your home decor.

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What is Glam Style?

When we’re talking about glam style, it is impossible to relinquish the reference to Old Hollywood style. The style dates back to the 1930s or the Golden Age of Hollywood, also known as Hollywood Regency and Hollywood glam. This particular style is an ode to the decadence and over-the-top indulgence of an era. You can trace the style back to Billy Haines, an actor turned designer who remains the most associated figure to glam style.

To summarize the Hollywood glam style, try to think of it as a combination of mid-century modern and art deco. Lines are clean but with embellishments of decorative details, achieving a balance between beautiful and functional.

The Key Elements of Hollywood Glam Style

Glamour is at the center of this aesthetic, a flawless harmony of different styles without being messy or feeling cluttered. Modern glam style doesn’t focus on a single era, often borrowing inspiration and elements from neoclassical, mid-century, and art deco styles. Rich fabrics, bold architecture, and metallic accents are what make glam style so unique and breathtaking.

Glam style is:

  • Dramatic with a heavy focus on lighting and sculptural lines.
  • Clean and clutter-free, without too much fuss, or overly decorated rooms.
  • Light-catching with mirrors, metallics, furs, crystals, and bright color palettes

Glam style is not:

  • From a single time prior or rule-strict when it comes to blending different styles.
  • Eclectic and all-over-the-place when adapting inspiration from timepieces or styles.
  • Retro or old-looking with secondhand pieces and vintage accents.

Colors & Texture

Though present, color isn’t a definitive element of glam style. Most of the time, color is left simple and neutral palettes prevail. Designers focus on one or two complementary colors per room and let textures and accessories do the rest. Beyond pinks and grays, glam decor welcomes purples, black and white, navy, and even jewel tones. Some popular color choices for glam home decor include:

  • Neutral tones: black, gray, washed brown, and whites.
  • Bold jewels: emerald, purple, teal, and yellows.
  • Soft pastels: pale pink, washed lavender, dove gray, and greens.

Decadent textures are a key element in glam style decor. Fabrics like silk, fur, leather, velvet, and satin are the room’s star in both solids and patterns. Expect to see traces of art deco style throughout glam textures and patterns. Raised furniture details, plush duvet covers, upholstered headboards, sheepskin and fur, all have a place in glam style. Through unexpected combinations of textures, true Hollywood glam decor becomes unique and looks like no other style.


There won’t be anything casual about glam-style furniture. A glam room often highlights a mix of classic large pieces next to accent furniture that feels luxurious. With no time references tied to glam style, sourcing furniture can be fun and imaginative. Pull in mid-century-inspired designs for a retro-glam feel, use traditional pieces for a regal look, or try rustic designs for a shabby-chic appeal.

When choosing furniture, keep in mind that clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and high-shine accents satisfy the basics. But, fabrics and textiles take priority to add refinement and lush. Materials are not as restricted as other design aesthetics. Glam lets you have more fun with mirrored, lacquered, marble, and high-shine surfaces for an effortless elegance design that can last a lifetime. This is why you’ll see mod-inspired furnishings, next to art-decor pieces, with a forward-thinking contemporary statement piece, all within one room.

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No glam room is complete without decorative pieces. Items are classy and refined to create a high-contrast in the room with large mirrors, sunburst rays, art prints, and large wall art pieces. Yet, remember that your furniture is already extravagant. Editing is the key to maintain balance. Beyond decorative accessories like fresh florals, vases, and art, wallpaper is likely to make an impact. Wallpaper can dress an accent wall or create a luxurious room when used all around. Arrange decor pieces together to create a chic story or spread them throughout your home for a pop of luxury everywhere you look.

glam style house

The Glam Style House

From the dining room’s entryway, the glam style house feels and looks like a movie set. Shimmering hints here and there brighten up the room, the lavish fabrics and textures add interest, while the fresh flowers and decorative accents make it personal. Glam elements can be easily blended with other styles to create a look that still captures the magic of sparkle and shine.

glam style entryway

Glam Entryway

There’s no Hollywood glam without a bit of drama, and you can see that from the moment you step into the house. Mirrored consoles, sheepskin rugs, overly-elaborate lamps, and oversized mirrors all can find a home in a glam entryway. Though functional to an extent, the emphasis here is on the looks. The entrance sets the stage for what’s to come, easing the eye into the rest of the house.

glam style living room

Hollywood Glam Living Room

The glam living room is the embodiment of luxury and relaxation while still delivering supreme style. Sofas and chairs will have traditional and classic lines but with glam twists like lush upholstery, tufting, and metal or acrylic legs. Think gleaming end tables, marble accents in vases, and a plethora of pillows and throws in various textures to create a space that feels almost like a spa.

One of the easiest ways to glam up your house is to make it glisten through the details. The rule of thumb is that if it’s silver, gold, or has a mirrored surface, it belongs in your glamorous home. Even your lights can get in on the glam. Remember, this style is all about the drama, so feel free to get downright theatrical with your lights. Don’t be afraid to bring overly large chandeliers with sparkly crystals or deck out the walls with gold or silver sconces in art deco style: the more light that hits all your shiny or mirrored items, the better.

glam style dining room

Glam Dining Room and Kitchen

The glam dining space is a real feast to the eye. Stepping out of a movie set, you’ll find classic dining chairs in luxurious elements like metals and velvets. More forward-thinking spaces will incorporate glass and acrylic to create a genuinely up-to-date glam aesthetic. Floral and metallic elements dress the tabletops to soften the space. But, the start of the film has to be the lighting. Statement chandeliers, bold lighting fixtures, and even wall sconces will find their way into the dining room. The one thing not welcomed here? Clutter. Necessities and other items are tucked away in sideboards, bar carts are a staple decorative accent in glamorous dining rooms, plus they help keep everything tidy.

glam style bedroom

Glam Bedroom

The glam bedroom is romantic and airy. The bedframe is, without doubt, the centerpiece of the glam bedroom. Look for tufting, nailhead trim, and velvet upholstery to add visual interest to the bed. Sprinkle metallic elements with nightstands, accent tables, dressers, and classic jewelry armories. A mirrored vanity is a must-have if you want to go all Hollywood Glam. Extra seating, a plush rug, and gold wall art complete the look, along with a decadent chandelier.

When choosing furniture and accents for a glam bedroom, use color to set the mood. Neutrals like charcoal and whites paired with silver or gold metal accents can be more masculine. Opt for soft pinks and dove gray paired with plenty of delicate florals and metal accents for a feminine touch. Then, rely on texture and fabulous patterns to complete the look and add visual interest through layering rugs, vases, furniture, and decor. Just try not to go overboard; use editing to avoid taking away from the room’s carefully curated look.

Ready to See How Hollywood Glam Style Looks In Your Home?

Whether you’re going full Hollywood glam or retro glam, this style can turn your home into a welcoming, luxurious palace. This style starts with a classic look and adds some pizzazz through lots of ornamental details. If a glam style has piqued your interest, let’s try to see how it will look in your home. When you start a new project, our expert interior designers will work with you to create a beautiful glam style design for your home. From our platform, you’ll be able to see a 3D real-life rendering of your dream home that you’ll be able to shop and transform with the help of our designers. Ready to try glam style?

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