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Meet The Designer: Jerese Twitty’s Year Round Fall Picks

by Geraldine Orentas
Spacejoy Living Room

Spacejoy Designer Jerese Twitty

There are so many things to love about fall- pumpkins, colder weather, apple cider, family gathers- the list could go on and on. One of Spacejoy designers favorite things to do for fall is to decorate for the new season! This week our featured designer, Jerese Twitty, shares fall inspiration to incorporate into your home year round! Jerese is a dancer at heart and her designs inspire creativity and serenity.

Her modern aesthetic, blended with natural touches and bold accents, create an inviting space that sparks joy without feeling overwhelming. 

Q: What are your top priorities when designing a new space?

A: As a dancer, I’m all about the flow. I think about what the experience will be like when I first walk into a room. I ask myself questions like, “Can I get into each area easily?” “Will your back be the first thing that greets a guest?” Then, I think about color and how to develop color nuances and combos that spark emotions. Once I have those things settled, I focus on functionality. To me, when you’re able to combine those three elements with your personal style, you’ll have the perfect design. 

To me, home means comfort. It’s the one place where I can let my hair down, laugh, scream, cry. A place where I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself.

Q: Describe your design aesthetic.

A: I love all styles of designs; there’s no doubt about it. But, I’m excited to see more people becoming more open. I love how new designers and homeowners are being more open to being bolder in their choices. I’m a firm believer that more is more, so my designs often mix different patterns and colors to create unique spaces. 

While interior design is my career path, I’m a dancer first and foremost. I toured Europe with a ballet ensemble and even danced for the NBA. When I’m not designing new spaces, I teach dance to students with special needs and work as a coach at my local high school’s dance team.

Q: What are your favorite picks for Fall?

Spacejoy Fall Favorites

A: Libby Cane Dining Chair:  Forget about old-looking rattan chairs. These classic chairs have been restructured into clean, modern-looking accent chairs that will become timeless in any room. 

A: Nahla Cheetah Pillow and Shira Blue Leopard Print Pillows:  We know that animal print has been around forever. But, today, patterns are becoming more refined and sophisticated. We’re moving away from bold prints and starting to see more subtle ones suitable for any style and any room. 

A: Havana Braided Jute Rug: Most of us become more outdoorsy in the fall. This is why I love patterned jute rugs. They’re easy to clean, perfect for high-traffic areas, and can be quite versatile. For this season, make sure to make a statement with a geometrically patterned rug.

A: Matrix Chair and Hanover Chair: If there’s one thing that signifies fall season is cozy velvets and jewel tones. I’m lusting over olives, mustards, burnt oranges, and wine tones for my fall accent pieces. 

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