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Decor Ideas For A Small Bedroom

by Spacejoy

We’re all looking to create a lasting impression. Whether it’s at work, while meeting new people or even while decorating our homes, it’s all about creating a ‘wow’ factor that no one can forget. Sometimes, however, fate is not kind. Instead of giving us ample opportunities to create something stunning, we are given compromises which we’re expected to make the best out of. Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining, and one you know what to do where, you’re bound to wind up with something that never fails to dazzle everyone around. Of all the compromises we have to make, the luxury of space in our home is one of the most challenging ones. With houses becoming smaller, it’s really left to the creativity of the home owner to make the most of the situation. Thankfully, with these cool tips on how to make a big statement in a small bedroom, you’ll be larger than life without even trying to hard!

Paint your walls in light colors they reflect light, making the space look bigger.

small bedroom interior

If you’re looking for fluidity and space, go for monochromatic paint. In doing so, continuity is maintained making the space look bigger than what it is.

small bedroom interior design

Always remember less is more. One way of making the bedroom look bigger than it is, is by keeping furniture to a minimum, thereby allowing your eyes to see more instead of compartmentalizing and focusing on too many things all at once.

small bedroom furniture

Stay away from tall beds and cabinets if you have a small bedroom and if you have a high headboard, then it’s time to say goodbye to it as well. Keeping things low to the ground allows you to create space from above, which is crucial if you want to make a room look big.

small bedroom ideas

Mirrors are the ultimate solution because they help create the illusion of space. Placed at the right angle, not only will it reflect light but it’ll also help increase depth and height.

small bedroom designs

Playing around with light is another great way to create an illusion of space. Instead of going for one prominent light source, try using several little ones to light up your bedroom.

small bedroom interior design

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