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Shabby Chic Decor Ideas For The Perfect Glam-Chic Living Room

by Spacejoy

If you’re looking for words that are popular in the world of interior design, then “chic” is definitely up there on top! Most often Chic in interior design is a subtle form of arranging the right colors, patterns and furniture in a specific, distinctive and unique order and taste. But here’s the thing about “chic” – it does not stand alone! If you’re looking to go for a chic look, it always comes as a combination of other styles because it is not a totally formed style of decorating. So, for the love of Chic, we have decided to decode the “Glam-Chic” look.

So, what are the basics of the glam-chic style? Furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery, metal, and detailing. Color palettes with white, gray, cream, black, and jewel tones. Light-catching materials such as metallics, mirrors, crystal, and lacquer. Luxurious, high-pile fabrics and traditional, geometric patterns. Dramatic lighting with crystal-adorned chandeliers, table lamps, and sconces

Now that you know the basics, here’s our take on the “Glam-Chic” look! A Neutral living room that has an inviting and comfortable feel. We have used a lot of neutral colors on the lighter end of the scale which helped us make the space feel even more open. Ultimately, it got us a relaxing combination that gives the space an effortless feel!

Below are some living room ideas to enhance your home interior

Chic Living Room ideas
Chic Living Room
Chic Living Room Design

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