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Rustic Chic in Home Decor

by Spacejoy

Defining ‘rustic chic’ can be tricky. The term has been used as well as misused. However, it continues to remain a popular home décor inspiration. When it comes to decoding home décor trends for the year, rustic chic features pretty much on top. With the inclination of going ‘all natural’ in comparison to the tech inspired designs of last year, rustic designs are in demand! Be it the bedroom, living room or the dining room, rustic chic can be effortlessly incorporated, that too in all shapes and sizes. While the idea of creating the perfect rustic chic look can be a bit elusive, it is easy to get it right once you find the balance – and we promise you, it’ll all be worth the effort. Incorporating modern furniture is a great way to get the look – it creates a good contrast and helps bring out the natural element of your home. And why stop there? Picking the right accessories is another way of getting the rustic chic vibes going for your home. It adds a whole lot of charm and these little touches add a warm and welcoming feel to your room that is irreplaceable. In fact, another reason why rustic accessories make such a great inclusion in your home décor is that it gives you the freedom to infuse the room with a punch of visual impact without overwhelming it. Be it wall art, lighting or even a few simple décor items you can spread throughout the space – it’s a total win! Rustic chic lends itself well to nude and natural palettes, so when you’re thinking of what colour your walls should be, make sure you keep it low key – it helps build that contrast and keep things super classy! To get you going, here are some rustic chic inspired home designs that will make you want it even more.

Rustic chic lounge area
Rustic chic living room with wooden floor & a ‘tree-bark’ table
Rustic chic living room
Simplicity at its best – this living room comes with a statement hammered lantern
Rustic chic morning room
Perfect blend of rustic charm & elegant chic
Rustic chic dining room
Rustic chic dining room
Rustic chic bedroom
This rustic chic bedroom is a dream come true

The rustic chic design inspiration is not new but now it’s the time to embrace it!

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