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5 Essential Home Decor Ideas For Summer

by Spacejoy

Summer is here and we just can’t get enough of it. Bright colors, breezy home decor ideas and overall happy vibes that we oh so love. So, as we cut to the chase, let’s talk about these spring/summer decor essentials that you’ll want to make sure to have on hand.

The season screams for light and airy colors, statement accessories and accent pieces that just make you go WOW. Use removable slipcovers, or decorative throws to bring bursts of color and brightness. White and khaki slipcovers are casual but can be dressed up with formal throw pillows or a bright rug in an instant. Here are our top 5 home decor items for summer!

Patterned sofa and cushion – talk about coordinated!

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Bright accent rug – that makes your room POP!

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Summer Colour Cut Glass Crystal Chandelier – Ooh La La

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Colorful Summer Centerpiece, wooden chair & overhead light with low wattage bulb which gives just the right amount of light!

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Porch with seating arrangement and lots of planters – sitting pretty!

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Are you ready to plan your spring/summer decorating?

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