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Bohemian Style Room Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Spacejoy
Bohemian Design bedroom

Over the years Bohemian home decor has become one of the most popular and most loved themes for home decor ideas. But, the question is, what exactly is bohemian style?

To comprehend the concept it’s important to gather knowledge about the origin of the term. The term has been derived from the French expression “La Boheme”, which means gypsy. It is believed that people in Bohemia initiated the style, a region known for housing a hefty gypsy population in the past. The gypsies had their own set of rules, which they followed for centuries. These people used to have unique solutions to some common situations people face in their daily life.

These days, the expression is, however, used primarily for describing the bohemian lifestyle followed by most 19th century artists. That’s probably because like the gypsies, artists also tend to have unique lifestyles.

Bohemian Home Decor


If we had to describe this design concept, what would be the defining characteristics?


Modern Bohemian Interior Design

It applies to those who live artistic lives

Evokes a picture of travellers and is free-spirited

Home Decor Ideas

Fills in every visual and physical spot in the space

Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Embraces the handmade, focus is on unique individuality

Home Decor Living Room

The space should appear busy, chaotic but artistically done

Bohemian Home Decor

Lights are a key element

Modern Bohemian Interior Design

Rich colors and bold patterns


If you were to design your home the bohemian way, how would you do it? Well, we’ve got some tips for you.


1. Not So Basic White Bedding


Home Decor Ideas

White bedding doesn’t have to be crisp and formal. With floral embroidery and tufting, this comforter feels decidedly “un-fussy” and fresh. A mix of textures is essential for a boho bedding mix, so we’d suggest incorporating this comforter with pillows and sheets of different textures and colors.


2. Textured & Tasseled Throw Pillows


Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Speaking of colors and textures – a boho bed isn’t complete without an array of throw pillows to add character and life. We love this collection of Marisol pillows from Anthropologie that come in a variety of shapes and different colors and tassel details. Toss these on your bed with a mix of other solid and patterned pillows.


3. Tribal-Inspired Bedding



Home Decor Living Room

Even an affordable bed-in-a-bag set can give you the boho vibes you’re looking for in your bedroom. This set from Denny Designs that we found at Nordstrom has a calming, subdued bohemian feel, with a tribal-inspired print in natural tones.

4. Rattan Pendants


Bohemian Home Decor

Rattan is the essential boho material with its organic, natural texture and soft tones. CB2 and Pottery Barn both have good options. Pendants can be layered in a bunch to make a statement piece or just one large shade will make a nice impact on any space.


5. Cactus Art


Modern Bohemian Interior Design

In case you haven’t noticed, all things cacti are having a moment. Step One: Choose your medium. Water colors or black and white photography are a safe bet. Step Two: Frame. Step Three: Hang! This Summer Cactus print from Minted is a great choice.


6. Hanging Chair


Modern Bohemian Interior Design

Hang loose and carefree, the bohemian way, in a hanging rattan chair. These gorgeous chairs don’t take up any space visually as they hang effortlessly from the ceiling. Add them in cozy corners or in your outdoor space to add instant boho vibes. Dress them up in winter with a sheepskin rug or in summer with some banana leaf pillows!


7. Woven Wall Decor


Home Decor Ideas

Every boho space needs one of these. Large or small, colorful or neutral, you can’t go wrong. Think of macrame as jewelry for your house; Add them over the bed or in your entry way. The woven material adds a sense of comfort while the fringe design adds a unique feel to the home.


8. Floor Seating


Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Adapt the bohemian lifestyle with floor seating. You can use poufs, pillows, or even bean bags. Choose stitched leather, colorful patterns, or natural materials for a loungy feel. This living space designed by Maison Trouvaille adds a bohemian vibe by ditching armchairs and adding some square poufs.


9. Moroccan Throw


Home Decor Living Room

 Moroccan wedding throws give a touch of luxe to the understated bohemian theme. The intricate patterns and sequins add a touch of bling in any space. Add matching pillows to complete the look!


10. Boho Wallpaper


Bohemian Home Decor

Spruce up a boring wall or bland powder room with floral wallpaper for a bold bohemian update. If florals aren’t your thing, an ikat or mudcloth print works too. This gorgeous periwinkle palm wall covering is from a brilliant collaboration between the Jungalow and Hygge & West.


We’ve put together a wish list of some items that you can buy to achieve a Bohemian look

Time to go boho!

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