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A Montage Of Study Table Designs For Your Home

by Spacejoy

Study tables make for quite an interesting addition to the home. Commonly, study tables are used only for, well, studying! but the fun fact is that study tables can become a crucial part of your home decor ideas if done right. Here are some samples of brilliant study table designs that you can incorporate in your home.

Eclectic modern study table
Eclectic, modern and very sleek, this study table that isn’t a table at all.
Product source- wayfair

A wall-mounted study table is a classy furniture piece to pick when you are running short on space. This is an intelligent idea to adorn that wall while making it functional and spacious

Conventional studytable
The wall-mounted study table
Credits- Woodenstreet

Late night working is a prevalent part of today’s lifestyle. If you don’t work late but still love working on your bed or couch, then laptop tables are just for you.

laptoptable studytable
The compact laptop table
Credits- Woodenstreet

The multifunctional study table where you can double it up as a brilliant storage space

Multifunctional Study Table
Multifunctional-Study Table
Credits- Pinterest

The minimalistic study table or the old fashioned writing desk because sometimes all that you need is a table, a chair and your mind

fashioned writing desk
Fashioned writing desk
Credits- Pinterest

The official study table which is very corporate, very formal, very business-like and very gorgeous

Office study table
The official study table
Credits- Pinterest
Modern contemporary study table
The modern contemporary study table
Credits- Pinterest
Two in one study table
The two in one study table
Credits- Instagram
Wall-mounted Study Table
The quintessential wooden study table
Credits- Pinterest


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