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Keeping it Classy – Bathroom Design Ideas!

by Emily Williams

When it comes to design ideas for the bathroom, there are options a plenty! Whether you want it king size or petite powder room, the world is your oyster (or in this case, should we say the bathtub) and you can take any pick you want. But at times, the more options you get, the more overwhelming it can be, so we’re here to provide online interior design services & help you to make an informed decision. Here’s presenting some pretty cool, classy and cute bathroom designs which you’d definitely want to take inspiration from.

Everything spells class in this bathroom design. From the mirrors to the wooden sink vanity, from the fixtures to the flooring – everything has been handpicked and handcrafted. With its reclaimed pine and Italian marble top, this vanity cabinet along with the rounded mirrors brings a feeling of rustic and relaxed look to the bath.

Bathroom Design Ideas
Product Source- Potterybarn

The rounded frame and beveled glass of the mirror, paired with the white cabinet brings to mind the fittings found in hotels century ago.

Modern Bathroom Ideas
Product Source- Potterybarn

The industrial look of concrete is paired with a wood frame of the vanity. Best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Bathroom Ideas Bathroom
Product source- Potterybarn

With a simple, wide design and functional details, the mirror is the center piece of this bathroom design. Makes the space look bigger and it’s constructed for easy installation, as well!

Vintage Round Mirror Bathroom
Product source- potterybarn

Trend alert, and guess what, it’s the mirror in the center of focus once again. A round mirror is the trend update that your bathroom has been waiting for. This one has a simple frame that can accent any style.

Product source- Potterybarn

For more interior design ideas get in touch with our design experts here.

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