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Jenna’s Mid-Century Modern Home Interior Design is a Minimalist’s Dream

by Spacejoy
Jenna House on Hawk
Jenna House on Hawk
Jenna From House on Hawk

We’ve been in awe of Jenna Ogle of the website House on Hawk’s home for a while now and were beyond thrilled when she agreed, for us to tour her home. Jenna lives in a 1930’s cape cod-style home in Schenectady, NY, with her husband Brian, four daughters, and two Boston terriers. 


mid century modern living room
Mid-Century Modern Home

On the joys of compromise: When designing, my husband and I have very similar tastes and opinions, so for each space, we come to decisions mutually. He isn’t as opinionated with decor, so I tend to make a lot of the choices in that department.

On Budget: Let’s face it, the first thing we ask ourselves while taking up a design project is, how much should I budget? Jenna says, “It doesn’t take a lot of money to transform a space. Each space is different, and depending on the scale of the project; you might want anywhere from $1000 to $10000. For simple changes such as paint, a couple gallons of quality paint will cost you around $75.”

On Splurging – We don’t tend to splurge on much.  I prefer to find home decor items at as low of a cost as possible. When it comes to utilitarian pieces –  appliances, sofas, dining tables, beds we like to get items that are higher quality even if it comes with a higher price tag.

On Finding a Design Style: I see my style as more mid-century minimalist but also think the minimalist approach to decor and clean lines can come off as scandi inspired. I try to be very intentional with design and see each decision as a conscious one. I love bright spaces and tend to like to keep each room as light and airy as possible, but when renovating our kitchen, we decided to go bold with our cabinet color, and ever since I have been loving adding moody hues around the home ever since.

On furnishing, keeping kids and pets in mind: With both design and decor, we do take into account how kid and pet-friendly we are making each room. When buying furniture as well as rugs, I always look for materials that can easily be cleaned without a professional service. 

On Finding Inspiration: I draw a lot of inspiration from other designers. I love following Mcgee & Co. Chris Loves Julia and many others. 

On favorite places to find right décor and furniture: I love shopping at West Elm, CB2, and most recently, Article for furniture pieces. Target, Home Goods, and H&M Home are great for small decor items and accents. For greenery, I like to shop at The Sill and sometimes Lowes or Home Depot. 

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