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Coral Colors And Its Uses In Home Decor

by Spacejoy

You might have noticed over the course of the last few years that the coral color is steadily growing more and more popular – not only in fashion but increasingly so in home decor as well. It’s been around for ages now and people never seem to have enough of it. So why is that so?

Living Coral Home Decor

Coral or Salmon pink is known to evoke bright and positive energy and it often brings a smile to people’s faces for no particular reason except for it being what it is – a pleasant color to be surrounded by.

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So what color exactly is Coral?

There are several different variations of coral colors; most commonly shades of orange and pink, but there is also a coral red although it is not as popular as coral orange or coral pink color. Coral color covers a large number of shades – just like the real corals in the sea. Coral, salmon, and peach color are all on the spectrum somewhere between pink and orange. You can find them in the warm tones of the sunset, the inside of seashells, some beautiful flowers etc. And yes, there is a certain overlap, but each of these colors has its own feel.

The good thing about the color coral is that it can easily stand alone, but it also pairs really well with other colors which allows you to make all kinds of nice-looking combinations. So let’s take a look at colors that go with coral and at some currently trendy color combinations.

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Coral and Navy Blue

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Coral and Turquoise

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Coral, Teal, and Light Grey

Coral Color Home Decor

Coral, Aqua, and Yellow

Living Coral Home Decor

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